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​Japanese Artists

Discover talented artists here !!

SHU Arakawa
(SUMI-E Artist)

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SHU Arakawa is the first Japanese artist who have introduced in the art form of hand drawing SUMI-E in Japan, it's a new painting technique that uses black ink, without using the aid of pens and brushes. His fingers, nails and palms are used to create his super dynamic designs. Thanks to the uniqueness of his innovative technique, no one is able to copy his works. SHU Arakawa is now enjoying great success not only in the SUMI-E, but also in the SUIBOKUGA (another painting technique that involves the use of ink and water) and Japanese calligraphy.

image4 (2).jpeg

Hiroyasu Koyama
(Smart Photographer)

  • Instagram

Hiroyasu Koyama has a passion for photography and has been taking pictures and posting them on social media for over ten years. He uses only his smartphone to shoot, process, and edit, and this method allows him to capture irreplaceable moments in everyday life.


Melon Tsuneda
​(Picture book writer/ Nursery rhyme poet)

  • Instagram

Melon Tsuneda is a picture book author who has published many books that are loved by children. In her childhood, she had been really looking forward to reading the 4-panel comics in the newspaper every day. Then, she slowly started to think of stories and draw pictures on her own which is the beginning of her creative activities. She says when she creates a new picture book or Nursery rhyme, she always discovers new things through the creating process and she is motivated by her new discovery.

紹介写真 (2).jpg

(SUMI-E/Bokugei Artist)

  • Instagram

SUIRYU started to draw SUMI-E art when he was teenager after learned syodo for more than 10 years to portray the beauty of SUMI (Japanese black ink used in both syodo and SUMI-E). His style is unconventionally, so he draws not only traditional style but also modern style as you can see on his Instagram. He also has a side of him as an origami artist who uses very delicate folding technique to create unique works unlike any other. All of his origami art is made in his original folding technique, therefore the possibility of his art creation is unlimited.

プロフ写真 (2)_edited.jpg

Katsuhiro Miike
(Calligrapher/Bokugei Artist)

  • Instagram

He based in Kamakura city which is a characteristic quaint town in Japan, and holds calligraphy classes in an old private house “Kominka”. He also works as a logo designer, a silver jewellery designer and a Rakkan-in (the signature stamp) designer, and has created many items for Celebrities. He has held exhibitions not only in Japan, but also in New York city known as the art capital of America. It is no exaggeration to say he was born to be a creator.


(Abstract Artist)

  • Instagram

She has always been dreaming to be an Artist since her childhood. When she grew up, she attended the Art therapy workshop and drawed some arts, through this experience she seriously began to move on the path to make her dream comes true. The theme of her activity as an Artist is “To record the moments of brightness and happiness to heal myself and others”.


Miki Itano
(Alcohol Ink Artist)

  • Instagram

He is not only a designer but also a model who has a big passion of fashion. He started to paint and draw on the clothing few years ago to express his originality and uniquely, and his design attracts many others. He is also unisex accessory designer and his custom-made item is loved by many customers. He is talented not only in the fashion but also in art work fields such as alcohol ink art, acryl painting and spray art etc…


(3D WASHI Artist)

  • Instagram

3D washi art is not well-known but his arts have the value to see them once in your life time. Hunkel is an experienced anaesthesiologist who works at a pain clinic. He has been treating many patients who suffered from chronic pain or indefinite complaint and he believes these symptoms are deeply related to social stress. He has been advising them the way to alleviate this type of stress is to make oneself free from social stereotypes and do some activities that can enjoy and have fun from the bottom of one’s heart. To put this method into practice, he actually started to draw paintings or make paper crafts, and developed the 3D washi art technique. Since then he has been creating a lot of remarkable arts on the side of his principle occupation.

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